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Sanjay Bagaria

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Sanjay Bagaria

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It all dates back to 1986 when I was 23 years old with lofty ambitions. Hailing from a business background, I joined then in the Ship repairing venture. However, I craved autonomy, financially and in every other aspect. I started my own conventional business but it was not very satiating.

I wanted to carve my own niche and build an empire. It was in the year 1997 that I was introduced to Modicare as a network marketing leader. I was opportune enough to come tête-à-tête with Mr Samir Modi in 1998 and was in awe of his vision of Financial Azadi to every Indian citizen.

I soon climbed the ladders in the organization and was highly revered. Today, I stand as the First Global Black Diamond Director from West Bengal in Modicare. In 2017, I attained a Merecdez Benz from Modicare and became the first luxury car owner from my company in West Bengal. My travels spanned the breadths of 30 nations, worldwide for various International MLM conferences in Modicare.


“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Sanjay Bagaria
Sanjay Bagaria
Sanjay Bagaria
Sanjay Bagaria

Mission 2025

"All you need to do make your dreams come true is to work hard, which will make your dreams come true".


"This Gallery has some photos with the leaders, some success stories, some moments of achievement, which are the moments of my success."

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"Millions of people are achieving great success from Modicare's Samir Modi Azadi Plan and fulfilling their dreams, we can help you do the same".

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"Our Vision : Azadi To Every Indian"